What to Wear for Your Senior Session

by Sarah Trulove

April 4, 2017

The number one question I get from seniors is “what should I wear?!”

I love to get creative, so I always tell my seniors to bring a TON of options! Colors, textures, stripes, high glam/formal, casual wear, accessories – the works. Above all, make sure whatever you bring reflects who YOU are. Your senior pictures are meant to remind you and your family of who were during your senior year, so choose outfits, accessories, and props that not only make you feel glamorous and beautiful but also comfortable and authentic.

Before you go unloading your closet onto your bedroom floor and throwing clothes at your mom because you’re not sure what to wear for your session portrait session, grab a coffee and let me share some tips on what to wear 🙂

#1. Most importantly, bring stuff you love! Stuff that makes you feel amazing because when you don’t feel confident it really shows in your photos. I want you to look and feel amazing, and I want you to rock the camera! (Don’t worry if your mom makes you bring your windbreaker. We’ll appease her briefly and get on with our thing.)

#2. Bring 10 outfits. Yes, it’s true, we won’t be able to get through ten outfits, but why limit ourselves on what we have to work with? I love when seniors bring lots of options so that we can go through everything and choose colors and styles based on our surroundings and backdrops to create 2 or 3 AMAZING outfits for your senior session!

#3. Pick clothing that speaks to you. Choose a word like ‘boho’, ‘timeless’, or ‘chic’, that describes the look you want and focus on that while choosing your outfits.


#4. Accessories are key. They turn an ordinary outfit into a fabulous look. Some of my favorites are wide brimmed hats or fedoras, sweet shoes, a bow tie, cowboy boots, giant earrings, sunglasses, big bracelets, flower crowns, instruments… just bring it! Let’s get creative!

#5. Bring colors too. Definitely bring some black and some solid colors of course, but also please bring a few pieces with vibrant color. It could be an accessory… big purple earrings or a yellow hat. It could be shoes… pink Converse (personal fave), red boots. It could be a jacket, lipstick or a shirt. Just bring a few pieces to add a splash of color to make your photos POP!

#7. Consider some texture. Texture can come in so many forms… a large knit sweater, ruffles on a skirt, lacey stockings, polka dot rain boots… it simply adds a little something extra.

#8. Buy something new. Splurge a little. I give you permission 😉 Whether you love Anthropologie or vintage thrift finds, putting on something new is a novelty and novelties always seems to boost our confidence and that’s exactly what we’re going for. This is your senior year! This is a huge milestone, if you think a new sundress for your senior session will make your senior experience better, I say DO IT!

#9. SHOES!!! Confession: I’m a shoe-aholic. I won’t say its a “problem”, but finding somewhere to store them seems to be quite the challenge. Shoes can totally make (or break!) your outfit – they pull everything together. One pair is NOT enough… you need options! Heels, boots, wedges, casual tennis shoes like vans converse or keds, flats. Heck, just bring them all!

#10. Don’t be shy. Bring your normal every day clothes of course, but also don’t be afraid to bring something completely outrageous! If you really want a cool, unique look… rest assured, I will TOTALLY dig that you brought your Mickey ears, bunny onesie, or feather head dress, and I will make you look awesome!

Just remember to wear what makes you feel confident and most like yourself. ..oh and don’t forget to have fun!






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